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Book title: Understanding Financial Markets & Instruments
Author: Braam van den Berg


Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Markets
Chapter 2: The Equity Market
Chapter 3: The Money Market and Instruments
Chapter 4: The Capital Market and Instruments
Chapter 5: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 6: Derivatives - Futures
Chapter 7: Derivatives - Options
Chapter 8: Specialised Interest Rate Derivatives
Chapter 9: Valuation and Accounting of Financial Instruments and Derivatives
Chapter 10: Derivatives - Hedging Techniques

Appendix 1: Example of a bond 
Appendix 2: Example of a share certificate
Appendix 3: Example of JSE stock information screen
Appendix 4: Example of securities transfer form
Appendix 5: Example of broker's note
Appendix 6: Example of dealer's transaction note
Appendix 7: Example of BA
Appendix 8: Example of negotiable certificate of deposit
Appendix 9: Example of a treasury bill
Appendix 10: SAFEX contract specifications
Appendix 11: Example of futures daily cash flow statement
Appendix 12: Example of option agreement


Courses and training in Financial Markets, Instruments, Investments and Derivatives are supplied by the Academy of Financial Markets.  They can be contacted on or via their web site.  New developments in the Financial Markets are incorporated in updates (see index) of this book and can be obtained from The Academy of Financial Markets.