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Subject: Financial Leads and Requests have been updated
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Abstract from 10 July 2012 update of Financial "Leads & Requests" 

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Topics: Financial Instruments, Project Financing, Investments, Precious Metals and General.
Abstract from 10 July 2012 update of Financial "Leads & Requests" 

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Financial Instruments (See more)

Date published
10 July 2012

We are direct to a list of clients request leasing bank guarantee with these procedures.

1. Provider and Borrower execute, sign and initial this Deed of Agreement which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. Will submit with CIS, International Passport, Board Resolution and IMFPA.
2. After signing the agreement and simultaneously or latest within 3 banking days with the return of the agreement to the Borrower, Borrower will issue POF MT-799 to Provider covering the fees of the first tranche and 2% of broker's commission.
3. Within 3 banking days upon the receiving of POF MT-799; Provider will issue, deliver via SWIFT MT760 of BG to Borrower's bank for authentication & verification of the BG in favor of Borrower.
4. Within 3 banking days of confirmation of the Provider swift MT760 of BG/SBLC at Borrower bankers, Borrower will make payment by wire transfer of the fees into the Provider bank account.
5. Within 7 banking days after confirmation of receipt of payment of the fees, the Provider will deliver the hard copy of the BG/SBLC to the Borrower's bank via bank bonded courier

1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC) (text as the request of receiving bank).
2. Total Face Value of the clients request: $5B (five billion usd).
3. First tranche for each client: $5M USD - $10M USD.
4. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank London or Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank Frankfurt.
5. Age: One Year, One Month.
6. Leasing Price: 6% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.
7. Delivery: Bank to Bank swift.
8. Payment: MT-103 or MT760.
9. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.
We are ready to close with any serious few banking days, if interested do not hesitate to contact me direct.
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10 July 2012

We issue top rated bg/sblc from top 25 banks of the world )

We arrange complete package: bg/sblc issuance to funding and / or ppp trading

We don’t accept any upfront payments

1. Invest euro 12,000 for new beneficiary reassignment with euro clear for a leased bg/sblc face value (min) euro 500 million (max) euro 10 billion from hsbc-london (top 25 world banks) bank transmission fee of euros 200,000 waived;

2. Your bg/sblc will be monetized/credit line
activated to pay leasing fee 6% plus (+) brokers
commission 4% 15 days after delivery of the mt760;

3, Enter ppp trading (private placement program) to
earn large weekly profits for 40 weeks - use your
weekly profits to fund your project (s) if needed;

4. Potential earning: invest euros 12,000 for 40 weeks, roi= .....m;

5. How are we paid?
By 1% of 4% total brokers commission from bg/sblc
issuance-lessee’s side; plus 1% of 5% total
designated commission from beneficiary’s side from 40 weekly ppp trading including all future extensions).

Please request for “doa”, bg/sblc description & sample bg/sblc 500m euros issued by hsbc-london.
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10 July 2012 I want to import items from a variety of countries and would like to know if you can help me with Letters of Credit (LCs) If you can, may I know your fee, terms and conditions and how I can get one? Please let me know if you have any other instruments relevant to my requirement.
Hope to hear from you very soon.
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10 July 2012 We are direct Lessor ( Provider) of Fresh Cut BG/SBLC for Lease. Interested Broker or Lessee should contact us. Our services include but not limited to structuring finance .Our Procedure, terms and Conditions will be forwarded to you upon your response
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Project Financing (See more)

Date published
10 July 2012 We need 5.3 billion dollars funding for 4 projects, we can get 2 billion dollar BG from HSBC
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10 July 2012


We have land for development commercial integrated township ,complex, residential complex in India we are in search of private funding source or finance partner who will participate with his money. wos, nri, any Indian corporate incorporation out site India can invest. Our basic requirement is $400 million in tranches if a collateral provider provides collateral in form of top rated bank instrument we can raise fund
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Business Plan Pro
We recommend the BusinessPlanPro software for the development of high quality business plans.

Investments (See more)
Note: We have received numerous requests of people / institutions that need fund managers to manage large funds.  Our experience is that these seldom realise and that the fund managers need to pay certain certification fees in advance in order to move these large amounts of money between countries.  It may turn out that these "certificates" are not the real thing. 
We have therefore decided not to publish these type of requests.


Date published
10 July 2012


Option 1: 10% program
In this program client will need to escrow 10% of the loan amount. Funding in 45 days. Terms 6% interest only, up to 5 years, with balloon in the end. (Preferred if client can afford)

Option 2: (Great non recourse/non repayment option only if client can afford, most clients cannot afford) (Client also receives escrow funds back +10% if project does not fund) Leverage Program: The client escrows $500K. We provide a bank instrument for $10M and monetize it with a line of credit through one of our banks. We provide a sample instrument to the client prior to acquiring the Instrument. Upon approval escrow is released and instrument obtained. We then establish a line of credit against the instrument (we already have a bank set up prior to acquiring the instrument). We will pay out 10 days, 10 days, 10 days, after the line of credit is established. Part of the proceeds will be held back to acquire a second larger instrument to fund out the whole deal. Turn around is 60 banking days from the time the line of credit is established. Terms are non-recourse,
non- repayment.

Option 3: JV Leverage Program
Same as above, however we will put up our own money as well.
Client minimum is $100K in escrow. Proportional funding, whereas we will take an equity stake in company as well. Lots of different variations possible in this scenario. Best discussed with client directly.

Option 4: (more affordable) JV Leverage Investment Program This is for clients that don't have the minimum of $500K but don't want to give up any shares. Works like option 3 but proportional funding for each JV partner. We will not take equity, but client will only get a proportional return for their funding, and we will take our return to invest in other projects.
We can leverage the client's money into larger instruments, but funding will take longer depending on $ amount client is putting up.
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10 July 2012 High yielding program in Germany. Interested investors wanted. How much funds do you have to invest? We're looking for 1 person with 450K, who can deposit it for a corporate undertaking and endorsed by the bank officer, so he will sign the agreement and receive ... % in 21 days, we need to know by Monday and get into the program by Friday.
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General  (See more)
(Nothing this week)

Precious Metals and Stones  (See more)
(Nothing this week)

Real Estate Investment (See more)

Date published
10 July 2012 Information for / application for arbitrage loans.
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Commodities  (See more)
(Nothing this week)


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List your financial related request on the "Leads & Request" pages for publication on our web site

You are welcome to submit your request for publication on the web site under the "Leads & Request" pages.  Only our subscribed members will be able to see your email address.  Topics include: Financial Instruments, Project Financing, Investments, Precious Metals, Commodities, Real Estate Investment and General.  (Submit Request)

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We list various requests e.g. for financial instruments, project financing and investments that we receive from visitors to our web site, for you to follow up.

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