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Types of Financial Instruments

Money Market Instruments
Treasury bills
Certificates of deposit
Commercial Paper
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Bankers Acceptances/Letters of credit
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Repurchase Agreements (RPs) and Reverse RPs
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Bank Guarantees
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Corporate bonds
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The Money Market Instruments (Member section)

Money Market Instruments (Click for more)
The major purpose of financial markets is to transfer funds from lenders to borrowers. Financial market participants commonly distinguish between the "capital market" and the "money market".  The money market  refer  to borrowing and lending for periods of a year or less.

Treasury bills (Click for more)
Treasury bills are short-term securities issued by the U.S. Treasury. The Treasury sells bills at regularly scheduled auctions to refinance maEagle Tradersg issues.  It also helps to finance current federal deficits. They further sell bills on an irregular basis to smooth out the uneven flow of revenues from corporate and individual tax receipts.

Certificates of deposit  (Click for more)
A certificate of deposit is a document evidencing a time deposit placed with a depository institution.  The following information appears on the certificate: 
-  the amount of the deposit;
-  the date on which it matures;
the interest rate;  and
-  the method under which the interest is calculated.
 Large negotiable CDs are generally issued in denominations of $1 million or more.

Commercial Paper  (Click for more)
Commercial paper is a short-term unsecured promissory note issued by corporations and foreign governments.  It is a low-cost alternative to bank loans, for many large, credit worthy issuers.   Issuers are able to efficiently raise large amounts of funds quickly and without expensive Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration.  They sell paper, either directly or through independent dealers, to a large .............

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Books on Financial Instruments
Online book:
Understanding Financial Markets & Instruments

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Markets
    Chapter 2: The Equity Market
    Chapter 3: The Money Market and Instruments
    Chapter 4: The Capital Market and Instruments
    Chapter 5: The Foreign ! Exchange Market

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